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Depend products for women and men are designed to be absorbent yet comfortable and discreet.

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Image - Depend® Real-Fit Underwear for Women product photo

Depend® Real Fit for Women

Depend® Real-Fit Underwear For Women have been specifically designed to fit and feel like real underwear and protect against heavy loss of bladder control.

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Depend® Real Fit for Men

Depend® Real-Fit Underwear for Men have been specifically designed to fit and feel like real underwear and protect against heavy loss of bladder control.

Information about our products

Urinary incontinence is an all-encompassing term for the affliction where the sufferer experiences a loss of control over their bladder and therefore involuntarily leaks urine. This is a more widespread problem than commonly believed with thousands of people in Singapore suffering from some form of incontinence. Although incontinence affects women much more frequently than men, both sexes can suffer embarrassment, low self-confidence and a lot of stress from the syndrome. Incontinence is generally caused by an underlying health problem, like weak pelvic floor muscles, menopause, enlarged prostate or a number of other ailments.

The main types of products used are super absorbent types of underwear. The Depend range of products includes aids specifically designed for the different anatomies of both men and women. They have a product to fit almost any situation – from guards for men, to Depend Underwear, which have absorbency where women and men need it most.

Benefits of incontinence aids

One of the most popular ways of managing the problem is through the use of incontinence product aids. Incontinence products, such as underwear or male guards, come in a range of sizes to fit people of all ages and body types. They are a preferred method of treatment as they protect clothing and bedding from becoming soiled. The pants are often relied on by older people who may no longer be able to reach the toilet in time and are sick of scheduling life around bathroom visits. The newest products by Depend are also comfortable, feeling and looking like real underwear. The fabric-like material is designed to breath so your skin remains comfortable and the stretch panels allow them to move with your body. Depend incontinence products are packaged with fitting instructions to make it quicker and easier to put them on and take them off.

Incontinence products can be used during the day or night. An incontinence product also keeps the skin dry so the risk of infection is lowered as moisture is drawn away and stored inside the undergarment. In fact, the new super absorbent incontinence products by Depend can hold up to 50 times their weight in urine. Incontinence products are used by many incontinence caregivers to make caretaking easier, as well as improving the quality of life of the person suffering from incontinence.

Products that help manage incontinence in this way are very convenient and hygienic: you simply carry them around with you, use them when needed, and then throw them away afterwards.