About Us

For decades, Depend® have been making absorbent, disposable underwear for adults around the world who experience faecal or urinary incontinence.

We are also a valuable resource for people living with incontinence, including family, friends, and professional carers. We work in partnership with healthcare experts, so our information and advice on incontinence care comes from qualified nurses and authorities in incontinence.

Learning about the differences between distinct kinds of incontinence is the first step towards gaining greater freedom. Depend are committed to helping at every stage of learning to live with incontinence. We can take you through causes, symptoms and treatments, as well as the best ways to stay motivated, prevent burnout, and carry out ongoing management.

Living with temporary or ongoing incontinence can be made easier with the right guidance and some specialist support from Depend.

If you have any questions or comments about our products, we are eager for you to contact us.